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About Us

HSEQ Safety Measures

Strides Energy & Maritime LTD has established a positive safety culture through strong leadership, support and guidance that nurtures the highest commitment to safe operations on the job as well as at home; fostered a strong communication culture thus continuously improving field execution; to achieve the ultimate goal of incident-free performance and also improve relationship with our esteemed clients, in order to remain as one of the continent’s leading brands in Offshore Construction Services.

For over 20 years, we have stayed on top as one of Nigeria’s frontline Oil & Gas Construction Company. We embrace environmental, health and safety objectives as core business values.

We endeavor to provide for our employees’ livelihoods and clients’ needs through the application of management systems that protect the environment, safeguard employees’ health, and eliminate injuries to people.

Our business plan includes measurable QHSE targets. Everyone that performs work for the company is responsible in achieving these targets.

Goals Targets

  • • Engaging employees on safe work practices
  • • Strategic hazard identification, elimination, and control
  • • Continual HSE improvement process
  • • Promotion of a positive “Safety Culture” lifestyle both on and off the job.

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    “We have distinguished ourselves in the industry by building a leadership culture that is defined by trust, respect and integrity. This philosophy gives us the needed inspiration.”
    Moritz Abazie, CEO, Strides Energy & Maritime Ltd.

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    We are 100% committed to?

  • • Safe operations and incident-free performance.
  • • Continuous improvement initiatives and operational efficiencies.
  • • Fostering a safer, smarter workforce and workplace.
  • • Continually exploring and investing in positive improvements on behalf of our clients.
  • • Upholding our integrity and earning our partners’ trust.
  • • Maintaining a high standard of performance excellence.
    • Precise Engineering
    • Qualified Workmen
    • On-Time Delivery
    • Offshore Support